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3 Hour Workshop - $75

Handbuilding, wheel & custom mug. (8 ppl max)

1. Your 3 hour class will include a qualified instructor, who will teach you about clay and some of its many proporties and processes pottery goes through. She will demonstrate how pottery is formed on the wheel and will guide you throught the different hand building techniques and assist you in completeing your chosen hand built project.


2. You will also have time to try your skill throwing clay on the pottery wheel.


3. Last but certainly not least you will be able to customize your own pre thrown mug by adding a handle, carve, or  add details to it. OR... Choose a prefired plate, mug or bowl to glaze. (This part of the class must be arranged prior to the workshop date.)


All clay, tools and aprons provided.

Clear glaze included.

(Colored glazing and or painting classes can be sheduled for an additional fee.

Kids Projects

Adult Projects