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Glaze and Painting Options

We offer a few types of project finishing techniques for your class, party or event.


All classes include a clear glaze finish in the cost, if you desire a color finish there are a few options available to you at an additional cost.


1. Colored Glazing done FOR you:  is one alternative. Color tiles are available for you to choose your color at the end of your clay class. You projects are then taken dipped in the glaze. Once glazed your piece will be fired in our kiln and ready for pick up within 5 to 7 days. This ceramic glazing and kiln firing provides a durable waterproof, food safe finish. Cost: $6/item created in class. Includes firing.


2. Colored glazing done BY you: You and the instructor will arrange a time for you to return to paint your projects. You will get a brief instruction on the different types of glazes, their properties and how to apply them. This ceramic glazing and kiln firing provides a durable waterproof, food safe finish. Cost: $25 -30 min class tutorial Includes firing. Acrylic painting option available* 


 *Acrylic Painting  (30-40 min) - Some of our clay class project are nice to finish with acrylic paint and do not require a food grade glaze finish. For previously created projects we offer you the supplies and space to paint you pieces. Includes acrylic paint and clear lacquer. We can also return to your location with materials for an additional fee.


3.  Slip Painting  with a clear glaze finish. This is an option that can be added onto certain clay classes, parties or events at the time of booking.  Colored slip is a color infused liquid clay. It is painted, by you, onto your finished drying clay peice at the end of your class building time. We will take your projects,  and after the initial bisque firing, dip them in  a clear food grade glaze and fire them again. Cost: $25 for the extended 30 min class time + $6/item glazed.


                             GLAZE FINISH                                 COMPARRISON                                    SLIP FINISH