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Weather your looking for a party from a  birthday idea for yourself or your child or to a corperate event or just a night out, we have many options available for you! Our packages start at $210  for a minimum of 6 people. You can bring your own beverages and food and we will provide the plates, napkins etc,.


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Bridal Parties


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              Option B 

     2 Projects - Handbuilding and Wheel


Includes Pottery Wheel  - 2.5hr class + 30 min.


- More intimate group (max of 6 - our location)

- Wide variety of projects.

- Step by step instructor lead on and off the wheel.

- Pottery Wheel Demo.

- Glaze finish  included.

- additional 30 min for cake included.




                     $372 for 6 people max.

             ($62 per person includes glazing)


            Option A 

              1 Handbuilt Project 


No Pottery Wheel (Demo Only) - 1.5hr class + 30 min.


- For larger groups (up to 14 at our location).

- Wide variety of project.

- Step by step  instructor lead hand building.

- Pottery Wheel Demo

- Glaze finish included.

- additional 30 min for cake included.



 Min 6 people starting at $235

(aprox. $40 per person at 6 ppl- incl. glazing)