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Rylee Petkau 

Currently resides in Irricana (30km east of Airdrie), with her Husband and three boys. Always looking for ways to stretch and grow her creative side, she has been known to try her hand at any art form and travel anywhere to develop it. Her travels have taken her across Canada to Germany, Italy, West, East and South Africa. Rylee’s interests and talents span from paintings with acrylic on anything that can be painted on to tattoo design and henna. Currently she spends most of her creative energy working in her small studio creating pottery and teaching the art of clay for numerous different organizations and camps in Calgary, Airdrie and area.


Note From the Artist

Each piece of pottery I create has a focus based primarily on use. Pots that invite touch, bowls to be cradled, mugs to be lifted and vases to be examined a bit more closely, beckoning fingers to run over a rim or foot. In all that I create I leave a trace, an imprint that shows the mark of the maker. May it be a fingerprint, some throwing rings, subtle nuances in design that are repeated throughout my work. A small part of ‘me’, that becomes permanent within each vessel or item. That same item then finds continued dimension as glaze, texture and fire bring color and more character to each piece. It is my hope that in this design process a uniqueness will be added to each piece, creating interest and depth to both form and surface. I hope you will enjoy your one of a kind piece of pottery; making it your own;  adding new stories in addition to mine, and so completing the cycle. 
All materials that I use are lead free and food grade. Each piece is microwave and dishwasher safe and can be used in the oven up to 500°.